The Alien Astronaut Investigations of Morten St. George




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SETI astronomers have been searching for extraterrestrial life for many decades now and they claim to have found no evidence that intelligent aliens exist. It is strange that they should say this when they find themselves wholly unable to explain the massive amounts of invisible dark matter and dark energy that they calculate to be present in the universe. Apparently, it has never occurred to them that they could be encountering the product of alien activity.

Most people will undoubtedly deny that it is possible to travel through time so for them the prophecies of the alien astronaut of Tiwanaku would be a nonsensical concept. As someone who decoded the prophecies firsthand, I know better. For me, the critical question is not whether those prophecies reflect accurate knowledge of future events, but rather: How did the alien do it?

Inca Drawing: Sun Disk depicting the river of time and alien spaceship orbiting the Earth at light speeds

Beyond this depiction of the "river of time" on the Andean Sun Disk, the prophecies themselves may provide a few clues. For example, in prophecy VI-2 the sky god anchors himself in the year 580 CE but in prophecy VIII-76, referring to a pagan king born in the year 576 CE, the sky god says "his time is so near that I sigh." Consequently, so it seems, for the alien astronaut the year 580 CE precedes 576 CE. Thus, he is traveling back in time or, in the very least, his perspective is coming from the future. That is why, on this website, we use the term "alien astronaut" and never "ancient astronaut": the alien in question was seen in ancient Peru but may have first arrived at our planet in our future, not in our past.

Historically, scientists and philosophers alike have encountered a serious problem with the concept of travel back in time. The argument is called the "grandfather paradox" and it can be explained as follows: Let's imagine that you go back in time and kill your grandfather when he was still an infant. Thus, you will never be born, but if you were never born, how could you go back in time to kill your grandfather? Unlike the Fermi Paradox, the Grandfather Paradox is a real paradox.

It is possible to imagine an escape from the Grandfather Paradox: Let's suppose that every time you exceed the speed of light (the gateway to travel back in time), you automatically spin off a new world, a parallel universe. Thus, the world in which you were born has not been erased or changed; you merely enter a new universe. And in that new universe it is possible for you to kill your grandfather and yet remain alive.


The prophecies were apparently delivered to cabalists in Babylonia between the years 580 CE and 700 CE There are indications that, within this time frame, the prophecies were delivered piecemeal over time (the "many volumes" of the first prose introduction).

The alien astronaut is also believed to have dictated the Koran to Muhammad verse by verse across a period stretching from 609 CE to 632 CE. One cannot assume that the reason it took so long was the inability of Muhammad to retain more than a few verses in memory at one time. It could be that the alien needed time to review outcomes, a type of trial and error approach.

For example, let's imagine that after transmitting a certain number of verses to Muhammad, the alien reviews the future history of the world and sees that the Muslims have wiped out the cabalists living in their lands destroying the prophecies in the process. So what does the alien do? He goes back to Muhammad and gives him the commandment "Peace be on Elias and his people." And now the cabalists manage to survive —and at times prosper— in the Muslim world.

The situation, however, is far more complex than that. The prophecies express awareness of, and utilize, the Latin to French translation made in the late 16th century. Prophecy VI-37 on the John F. Kennedy assassination, for example, makes use of an anagram that exists in French translation but unlikely to have been in the original Latin. The prophecies also express awareness of, and utilize for dating purposes, the numbers that the translators placed on a sequence of prophecies ((see the Cabala Prophecies).

Though we see signs that the alien astronaut may have taken measures to make the cause-and-effect outcomes less than infinite (for example, the translators could have adopted the alien's numbering system), he likely needed a vast number of parallel worlds to get the desired results.


Beyond expressing awareness of widely-known historical events, the prophecies also demonstrate knowledge of things that are not generally known, such as who was behind the assassination of American president John F. Kennedy. Though telecommunications were in use during the time of Kennedy, this was not the case in the epoch of Napoleon Bonaparte (Prophecy VIII-13). How was the alien able to figure out who arranged for the assassination of Napoleon in 1821?

Here one must assume that the alien's sensors and computers were so powerful that they were able to extensively probe each newly-created universe, to pick up and digest words spoken by humans across a period of time. This would also explain the alien's demonstrated expertise in medieval Arabic, Hebrew, and Latin, as well as his knowledge of modern languages.




The concept of parallel worlds allows us to theorize on certain aspects of the known universe.


Gravity is the weakest of all the forces found in nature. It does seem, however, that gravitational force has the uncanny ability to span itself across parallel worlds.


Visible matter composes only a small percentage of all the matter in the universe. Where is the invisible matter, known as dark matter? Evidently, it could exist in the parallel worlds if gravity can span across these worlds. The gravitational pull of the dark matter keeps the stars of a galaxy in uniform rotation.

Because the parallel worlds and associated dark matter are created by traveling backwards in time, dark matter is concentrated in regions of space where visible matter exists. The amount of time traveled backwards may affect the dispersion of the dark matter. By hypothetical example, going back 1,000 years in time may create dark matter for one galaxy, but going back in time 100,000 years may create dark matter for a cluster of galaxies.

It follows that the creation of a parallel world does not imply the duplication of the entire visible universe. The association of dark matter with visible matter assures us the parallel worlds have limited scope. That is, parallel worlds only exist inside "bubbles" created within a singular universe.

By hypothetical example, let's imagine that we humans, today in the year 2019, see light from galaxy XYZ some ten million light years away. Then an alien takes us back to the year 1519. History changes in that parallel world but we humans again reach the year 2019 and again we see light from galaxy XYZ. The point is we might be seeing light from the same galaxy XYZ, not a parallel galaxy XYZ.

Since the latest of the parallel worlds created in any particular location comes to the surface in a singular universe, that last world may have superior status to all the parallel worlds that preceded it.


Physicists believe that a large percentage of our universe is composed of dark energy, called dark because its existence is only hypothetical. Like dark matter, it arises from travel backwards in time and serves to balance the gravitational pull of parallel worlds. Evidently, more dark energy is usually created than what is needed, so it disperses outwards into space and becomes uniformly distributed. Dark energy is responsible for the expanding universe.


If a very large number of parallel worlds, perhaps billions, are created in one place, the combined gravitational pull of so many worlds could overcome the dispersion capacity of the dark energy. The result is what we call a black hole, the collapse of space-time due to the enormous gravitational force of all these parallel worlds acting in unison. In this manner, black holes are truly the gateway to multiple worlds because the same black holes are present in each. But it may not be possible to travel into them to reach and live in another parallel universe.


Dark matter, dark energy, and black holes may not be natural features of the universe but instead the creation of extremely advanced aliens. Whether there are many such advanced civilizations in the visible universe, or just one capable of intergalactic travel, is unknown. Moreover, when and if it can be affirmed that dark energy is produced by alien activity, the very popular Big Bang Theory could collapse if the detectable range of expansion becomes attributable to artificial causes.

The theory that dark matter and dark energy are the byproduct of alien activity is not at all far-fetched. In less than one hundred years humankind progressed from riding on horseback to walking on the Moon. What can we achieve in a million years? Based on the supposed age of the universe, it is easily possible for alien civilizations to be a billion years more advanced than us. That's surely enough time to travel —even at subluminal speeds— from one galaxy to another and enough time to achieve everything possible.

It is quite ironic that SETI astronomers have spent countless hours searching the skies for evidence of aliens, and report having found nothing, when all along massive evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence could have been staring them in the face.




A hundred years ago some scientists were saying that it was impossible to break the speed of sound. With only a hundred years gone by since then, this being hardly a flash second on a planetary timescale, it could be quite foolish of us to think that our knowledge is no longer primitive.

The prophecies in question are theorized to have been created roughly 1,400 years ago. In another article on this website, I refer to the Ghost of Jupiter, a celestial object that stands at a distance of some 1,400 light years from Earth. Today, when we look at the Ghost of Jupiter, we see a planetary nebula. Today, what do the people (or whoever be there) on the Ghost of Jupiter see when they look toward Earth?

Prediction: They see a black hole because we left their universe and are now living in a parallel universe.









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