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Using the second book of the alien astronaut as a guide, the Rosicrucians placed numbers on the prophecies and put them into the three great spheres of the Cabala, of which foremost sphere was the sphere of Keter.

Cabala Spheres of Time Travel

Unknown to the Rosicrucians, the alien was making use of their numbers for dating purposes. Here, we will take a look at all of the prophecies located in the sphere of Keter and make some brief comments about the number that the Rosicrucians placed on each of them. Numbers are important because we are looking for a date to place on certain astronomical data provided by the alien, and dates are comprised of numbers. To reach the critical number, we must circle around the great sphere of Keter.

The lower sphere (higher numbers) of Keter begins at the start of the second part of Nostradamus' book, the eighth Century, and the first prophecy therein is the thirteenth stanza.

VIII-13 (813)

Le croisé frere par amour effrenee
Fera par Praytus Bellerophon mourir,
Classe à mil ans la femme forcenee
Beu le breuvage, tous deux apres perir.

This stanza concerns the capture of French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte by the English and also to his murder on the island of Saint Helen. Of concern here is only the phrase "Classe a mil ans", army to a thousand years. What to a thousand years? The only number we see here is the number of the quatrain itself. Thus, 813 plus 1000 give 1813, the year of disintegration of the grandée armée of Napoleon.

VIII-71 (871)

Croistra le nombre si grand des astronomes
Chasses, bannis & livres censures.
L'an mil six cens & sept par sacre glomes,
Que nul aux sacres ne seront asseures.

The universal key to dates in the prophecies is the number 252, which is applied as a simple addition to other dates numerous times. However, it was already used as a straight addition in another prophecy that also gave the direct year 1607. Thus, the sacre glomes is here the 252, and the number seven ("sept") passes though it exactly 36 times. 1607 less 26 gives us 1571, ending in 71 like the number of the quatrain.

Meanwhile, the word glomes means "ball of thread", so, of course, we have to wind it (the number 871): Starting from the right, 1, then 7, then 8, then revolving around back to the one: 1781. This is a double-dated prophecy.

First line (great astronomers): the birth of Johannes Kepler (1571)[observed Halley's Comet in the given year, 1607], William Herschel's discovery of the planet Uranus (1781); Second line (books censured): creation of the Congregation of the Index (1571), condemnation of the Prophecies of Nostradamus (1781); Fourth line (not safe in sacred places): execution of Túpac Amaru I in the Plaza of Cuzco (1571), execution of Túpac Amaru II in the Plaza of Cuzco (1781).

VIII-76 (876)

Plus Macelin que Roi en Angleterre,
Lieu obscur nay par force aura l'empire:
Lasche sans foi sans loi saignera terre,
Son temps s'approche si pres que je souspire.

This prophecy refers to the birth of Penda, pagan king of Mercia, born in the year 576 CE. Note that number of this quatrain ends in 76, as in the year 576. (In essence, this prophecy confirms the first verse of prophecy of VI-2: "In the year 580 more or less.")

VIII-83 (883)

Le plus grand voile hors du port de Zara,
Pres de Bisance fera son entreprise:
D'ennemy perte & l'amy ne sera,
Le tiers à deux fera grand pille & prinse.

This is a prophecy of the Fourth Crusade, which occurred in the year AD 1204. The last verse commands "the third to two." This means that we must change the three in 883 to a two, or that we must change the third digit of 883 to a 2. Either way, we get 882, the year of termination of Byzantine rule over Zara.

We also saw a technique for directly manipulating the quatrain number in prophecy 813, which lies exactly 70 stanzas prior to this one. Curiously, the word croisé in 813 can refer to a religious person or to a crusader, and the theme of this stanza here is a Crusade, so the two stanzas should definitely be connected. We also note that 813 mentioned Bellerophon, a Greek hero from Corinth. Corinth, for its earthquakes, was the theme of prophecy II-52, having been totally destroyed twice by quakes, in 1858 and 1928, exactly 70 years apart. There is therefore a dual indication to use the number 70.

Thus, 882 plus 70 plus 252 (the date-decoding key) gives 1204, the year of the Fourth Crusade.

Pope Innocent III ("le tiers") instigated two ("deux") crusades of great pillage ("grand pille"): the Fourth Crusade (sack of Constantinople) and the Cathar Crusade. The fact that the alien himself alludes to the Cathars is the main reason for believing that the Voynich Manuscript includes an encryption of his prophecies.

IX-31 (931)

Le tremblement de terre à Mortara,
Cassich sainct George à demy perfondres,
Paix assoupie, la guerre esveillera,
Dans temple à Pasques abismes enfondres.

This is a prophecy of the Israeli incursion into Lebanon in 1982 and its bombardment of the western half of Beirut. To all appearances, this seems impossible to date as there is hardly a number in the quatrain. Though there may be no number here, there is a numerical concept: demy, which means one half.

In the preceding prophecy (883), we followed a procedure whereby we went backward, passing over two prophecies (876 and 871) to arrive at 813, picking up the number 70, being the distance between the two. Logically, therefore, 883 was demy, and this quatrain, 931, has to be the other demy. Following the same procedure, we pass over the two preceding prophecies (883 and 876) to arrive at the third one (871), giving us a distance of 60 (931 less 871).

However, this 60 must also be demy, therefore we have to make it whole, doubling it up, and giving us the number 120.

Like everything else here, the number of this quatrain (931) must also be demy, so therefore we have to double it up, giving us 1862.

We are now left with two demy: 120 and 1862, so we must add them together to get a whole, 120 plus 1862 give us 1982, the year of the Israeli-Palestinian War in Lebanon.

IX-49 (949)

Gand & Bruceles marcheront contre Anvers,
Senat de Londres mettront à mort leur Roi.
Le sel & vin lui seront à l'envers,
Pour eux avoir le regne en desarroi.

This is a famous prophecy about the execution of King Charles of England, put to death by Parliament in the year 1649. Note that the last two digits of the quatrain number are 49.

At this point we have reached the end of the lower (higher numbers) sphere of Keter and must continue elsewhere. The Rosicrucians indicate this by transferring the "sel & vin" of stanza IX-49 to the "vin & sel" of stanza V-34. Note that the "sel" and the "vin" are reversed. We must therefore proceed from V-34 in the reverse direction.

This prophecy and the next one oscillate between London of the 17th century and the Falkland Islands War of the 20th century. Here, by giving emphasis to the capital letters, the first line reduces to G & B shall march against A: Great Britain shall march against Argentina. Indeed, Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp form the head of an arrow that goes around the globe to strike Argentina.

Moving backwards through the stanzas, the next alien passage that we come to is the following:

IV-89 (489)

Trente de Londres secret conjureront,
Contre leur roi, sur le pont l'entreprise:
Luy, satalites la mort degousteront,
Vn roi esleu blonde, natif de Frize.

This is another famous prophecy. It concerns the Glorious Revolution in England, which occurred in the year 1689; Note that the last two digits of the stanza number are 89.

The Rosicrucians repeat the "luy," "pour," and "auoir" of IX-49 in the last verse of III-85, thereby marking that as the end of the upper sphere of Keter. But on the way there, we find how all this connects with SETI astronomy:

IV-33 (433)

Jupiter joint plus Venus qu'à la Lune,
Apparoissant de plenitude blanche:
Venus cachée sous la blancheur Neptune,
De Mars frappé par la granée branche.

IV-32 (432)

Es lieux & temps chair au poisson donra lieu,
La loy commune sera faite au contraire:
Vieux tiendra fort puis osté du milieu,
Le Páuta choina philòn mis fort arriere.

Analysis of these two prophecies has now been moved to the SETI Sky Map page. The main point here is that, since these prophecies are in the sphere of Keter, the stanza numbers may be relevant to the dates of the indicated planetary events. In particular, the date of the interplanetary eclipse of the planet Venus could be extremely helpful.

However, IV-32 says that "the common law shall be to the contrary," which could be understood, in a second interpretation, as implying that the common rule of the sphere of Keter will not apply to this pair. But there is an alternative possibility. Previously, we saw that IX-49 alluded to a date ending in 49 and that IV-89 alluded to a date ending in 89. Here, the "32" of IV-32 would therefore be to the contrary, that is to say, it would become the number "23."

Via the gematria technique of the Cabala, the year 2021 reduces to "23" as follows: 2 + 0 = 2 and 2 + 1 = 3. Wikipedia has put up an image under the Transits topic (the footnote for their source has suddenly disappeared but I believe it was the JPL) of the Venus - Earth - Pluto eclipse in 2021. In that image, which contains few numbers, "23" is given as the day of the month, "23" is given as the hour, and "23.5" is given as the phase. The minutes are given as "24" (no seconds provided) but that we can surmise that it should be "23" minutes and "23" seconds, which would be consistent with the purposeful manipulation of planetary orbits. Again, see the SETI Page for how all this is pertinent.


1. Using the stanza number for dating purposes only applies to the great sphere of Keter. Alien prophecies inside the spheres of Binah and Chokhmah employ other types of dating techniques. For details, see our Spanish website (Nostradamus) Las investigaciones proféticas de Morten St. George.

2. For more information on the spheres of the Cabala and on how the Rosicrucians numbered the prophecies, see our French website (Nostradamus) Les recherches kabbalistiques et rosicruciennes de Morten St. George.









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