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Since Spanish-to-Chinese translations have proven to be unreliable, we here insert an English version of the first of three prophecies that give us an opportunity to refer to China.


Nostradamus Quatrain I-49


Long, long before such menaces,
Those of the Orient by the lunar virtue,
The year one thousand seven hundred, they shall make great migration,
Subjugating nearly all the Northern corner.


Long, long before such menaces,

Nostradamus Quatrain I-49

Some editions give just one "Beaucoup" here, long before such threats. Most likely, the original Latin was "plurimum," the superlative of "multus," much, which can be translated as very, very much before but in the end the translators decided to retain the word-for-word procedure and to not add any extra words. Since this is the first line of the prophecy, it has to be referring to the threats (or menaces) of the preceding prophecy, Prophecy I-48:

Nostradamus Quatrain I-48 Variant

Twenty years of (or from) the reign of the Moon having passed, Seven thousand years another shall hold his (or its) monarchy, When the Sun shall resume his (or its) days of wailing, Then accomplishes and terminates my prophecy.

However, "long before" is ambiguous. Depending on the context, it could refer to a few hours or many years.

Those of the Orient by the lunar virtue,

It seems logical to assume that "Ceux d'Orient" refers to the largest and most populated country of the Orient, namely, China. Thus, those of the Orient would be the Chinese.

Due to the implied connection with Prophecy I-48, the "lunar" must relate to the reign of the Moon of that prophecy. In Prophecy VI-54, we find that the lunar eclipse of 1982 was the longest in the world since the lunar eclipse of 1859, marking a period of 123 years. But in the first line of Prophecy I-48, the alien informs us that twenty years ("vingt ans") of the reign of the Moon have already passed, thereby reducing 123 to just 103. The number of this prophecy is I-49 (149) and if we add 103 to that, the "lunar virtue" becomes a period of 252 years. And these 252 years become the decryption key for all of the dated prophecies.

The year one thousand seven hundred ...

As just noted, a decryption key is required:

  Direct Date 1700
  Add the Decryption Key 252
  Deciphered Date 1952

Therefore, this prophecy concerns events of the year 1952.

... they shall make great migration,

The French "emmenée" would indicate people who are led or driven from one place to another, and a great migration suggests the movement of many people.

In 1952, the Chinese army advanced further into northern Korea. This army was composed of 1,400,000 soldiers and in the history of the world it was the largest force ever used in a single military operation, more or less a lunatic force. The "lunar" of the preceding verse also reminds us of the Latin "lunatum agmen" which referred to an armed battalion.

Subjugating nearly all the Northern corner.

The French "presque" means nearly, most, or almost. "Aquilonaire", from the Latin "aquilonius," means the northern. We will see the word "coing" again later (in Prophecy IX-65), in the sense of a wedge. The original word (the Latin "cuneus") also meant a body of troops since the Romans lined up as a wedge to attack. And therefore, the Chinese troops formed the wedge of the northern attack, pushing the forces of the United Nations into retreat.

The French word "coin" (sometimes spelled "coing" in the sixteenth century) means corner or place. Figuratively, Korea can be divided into two corners, the northern corner and the southern corner. In 1952, nearly all the northern half of Korea had been conquered by the Chinese. Finally, we note that the word "Aquilonaire" (North) begins with a capital letter, indicating that it should represent a specific place, for example, North Korea.


The decryption key of 252 years now applies to all prophecies directly or indirectly dated prior to the lunar eclipse of 1982, and this decryption key is employed frequently: Prophecy II-51, Prophecy III-77, Prophecy IV-89, Prophecy VI-2 (twice), Prophecy VI-54, Prophecy VIII-71, Prophecy VIII-83, and Prophecy X-91. With the decryption key, all prophecies providing us with a calendar year written out (six of them) are successful. There are no failures. See the time travel prophecies for themes and links to details.


The author of the Korean War prophecy mysteriously links it to a prophecy where his prophecies terminate, which has to be a prophecy of later events. Does this imply a revival of the Korean War of the 1950s which ended only in an armistice and not a peace treaty?

As we saw, Prophecy I-48 and Prophecy I-49 are connected by implications. Here in Prophecy I-49, we added the decryption key of 252 years. If we also add this key to the 7000 years of Prophecy I-48, we get 7252 years. In the order of presentation, Prophecy I-48 is located directly above Prophecy I-49, indicating a division in mathematics. And now we calculate that 7252 years, divided by the decryption key of 252, gives us 28.78 (rounded to four digits). A Google search for "strontium-90" and "28.78" reveals that 28.78 years is a common calculation of the half life of a deadly radioactive isotope that does not exist in nature but is produced by atomic bomb explosions. Because the alien indicates that I-48 is the last prophecy (here ends my prophecy), it may be implied that his prophecies end with nuclear war on the Korean peninsula.

Additional comments on the last of the alien's prophecies (numbered I-48) are available on the web page El Retorno a Tiahuanaco (in Spanish).


"Twenty years ago I searched long and hard for a Korean called Moon and found nothing worthy of mention. I think it ominous that South Korea now has a president called Moon."

— Morten St. George









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Analysis of Prophecy I-49 is also available in Spanish: Profecía I-49.