Anomolies and Alternative Science: Solutions


Astronomical data from the three astronomy prophecies enable us to compile a sky map which may point to the home planet of the Andean sky god:

Alien Sky Map


The Sky Map, but not the Commentary below, was updated in October 2016. It is now considered more likely that the arrow passing through Halley's Comet commences with Mars rather than Earth. The all-critical timing factor remains the Venus - Earth - Pluto / Charon interplanetary eclipse set for June 23, 2021, 23h, 23m, 23s UTC. The NASA solar system simulator us gives a view at June 23, 2021, 23h, 20m (here) where we see Pluto just to left of Earth, and a view at June 23, 2021, 23h, 25m (here) where we see Pluto reappearing on the other side. Recall that the sky god had the power to manipulate the oribits of planets and comets so nothing here need be purely coincidental.


At the present time (Febraury, 2015), Halley's Comet is moving slowly in the constellation of Hydra (east of Theta Hydrae) where it reaches its aphelion (farthest point from the Sun) in 2024. This ancient constellation is known as the Sea Serpent, which, among all designations, best describes the Andean sky god. Second best would be the constellation of Ophiuchus (the Serpent Bearer) through which the star arrow promptly passes and home of the infamous Serpent Nebula (B72). In 1991, SETI astronomers in Australia reported that they picked up a potential alien signal from Ophiuchus but unfortunately the signal did not repeat itself.

In 1785, William Herschel, the second astronomer in the prophecy that alludes to Halley's Comet, discovered a planetary nebula (NGC 3242) in the constellation of Hydra (west of Lambda Hydrae and Kappa Hydrae). It's located at 1400 LY away, roughly twice the 703 LY (written as 700, and 3) already indicated. Elsewhere in his prophecies, the sky god doubles the numbers, so astronomers should give serious consideraton to 1400 LY as an alternative to 703 LY for the distance to the sky god's planet.

In 1785, exact same year, a research university in Hanover (Herschel's homeland) acquired an unpublished manuscript that had mysteriously vanished some two hundred years earlier. Written by a Rosicrucian in Cuzco, 1572 (or 1571), Historia de los Incas contains the only known historical accounts that allude to the Andean sky god, inclusive of placing him in the seventh century. Throughout his prophecies, the sky god relies heavily on historical "coincidences" to convey information; thus, Hydra may be the right place to look.

Astronomers do not have to wait until 2021 to work out the three dimensional coordinates of the sky god's planet. They can interpolate and do it now. The only mystery is when a signal will be coming our way.

It would be illogical for the sky god to provide us with details for a sky map and not send us a signal. The sky god was not illogical. He was, however, quite deceptive, but it is illogical to be deceptive at the end of his efforts. There should therefore be a signal, which could be a radio wave or an optical signal or both.

I read that "Michio Kaku and the civilian scientific community thinks that alien life should be top secret and not for you to know about." Presumably, they fear that the discovery of alien life could hinder ongoing plans for nuclear war.


Today, we are witnessing a renovation of the Cold War and, in certain places, there are augmented fears about the acquisition and use of nuclear weapons. Astronomers would be foolish to think that they have a full seven years to pick up the sky god's signal. To the contrary, they would be well-advised to work as quickly as possible because alien contact could convince the humans to stop killing each other.

ALERT: The technical information on this page has been superceded by Los Viajes Galácticos.

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