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The name of this website has changed to Anomolies and Alternative Science: Solutions. For a long time it was called The Andean Sky God Website but the site has now turned its attention to mysteries not directly related to ancient astronaut theory. The aliens appear to be damaging efforts to promote new findings with regard to Shakespearean authorship and the Voynich manuscript, matters that have never been associated with aliens. Probed mysteries are as follows:

Mystery of Shakespearean Authorship: The Shakespeare-Nostradamus Connection

Several thousand books and countless articles have taken up the Shakespeare Authorship Question with no definitive resolution in sight, that is, until now. Pending only wider diffusion of our discovery of sensational links between the plays of Shakespeare and the prophecies of Nostradamus, the days of glory for William Shakspere of Stratford are coming to an end. Click here.

Mystery of the origin of the Voynich Manuscript

This article (with accompanying Q & A) demonstrates that the world's most mysterious manuscript was written by Cathar heretics who fled persecution in Europe in the 13th century, settling in the Amazon rainforest of South America. Though the Cathar settlement did not survive to see the arrival of Columbus more than two hundred years later, the Voynich manuscript would nonetheless be the First Book of the Americas. Evidence is based on Voynich drawings that connect with other medieval drawings of the Cathars (including one of the Cathar fortress at Montségur), Voynich drawings directly depicting life in the rainforest, and Voynich drawings of tropical plants including a rare plant identified in a modern photograph. Click here.

Mysteries of the Andes: Tiwanaku and the Nazca Lines

Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco) and the Nazca Lines was this site's first theme and has now returned to the home page. The four articles in this section provide archaeological evidence that the mysterious Nazca Lines of Peru were made by the Tiwanaku empire of Bolivia and not by people of Nazca, evidently to attract the attention of their flying sky god and direct him back to Tiwanaku. Ancient astronaut speculations remain on all pages, but the link between Nazca and Tiwanaku (which resolves the mystery of the purpose of the lines) remains strong regardless of whether the sky god was a real ancient astronaut or merely a figment of their imagination. For the first article, click here.

Mystery of the Origins and Meaning of the Nostradamus Prophecies

There are seven articles in this section that should entice New Age fanatics, but even normal people might find something curious or inexplicable about these prophecies. For the first article, click here. The seventh article provides a brief summary of twenty-six prophecies with links to expanded commentarty, click here.

Mystery of the Origins and Purpose of the Fraternity of the Rose Cross

Here you will find a series of articles affirming that the Rosicrucian secret society really existed (this is doubted by many historians), only that it was founded in England and not in Germany as commonly believed. The evidence comes from diverse sources including a decoding of the Rosicrucian Manifestos, leading to the conclusion that the prophecies of Nostradamus (to hold and conceal ancient prophecies) and the plays of Shakespeare (secret correlations for extracting ancient prophecies from the Nostradamus mask) were two of their major projects. For the Rosicrucian Menu, click here.

Scientific Speculations

The first of three articles argues that it may be possible to write infallible prophecies by means of repeated travel backward in time, each time spinning off a parallel universe until finally the written word corresponds with reality. The other articles take an in-depth look at the astronomy prophecies with view to creating a sky map. For the first article, click here.

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