Extraterrestrial Intervention: The Nostradamus Connection


There are three prophecies for which it is possible to refer to China, a country from which many visitors have found their way to this website. This article concerns the third of the three.


Nostradamus Quatrain X-72


The year 1999, seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
Resuscitate the great king of "Angolmois"
Before, after, Mars to reign merrily.


In this prophecy, the alien speaks of events that occurred in the recent past:

The year 1999 ...

We introduced the theme of the dates in Prophecy I-49. There, as we explained, the dates in these prophecies require a decryption key, the addition of 252 years. However, this only applies to the dates that come before the second lunar eclipse of the Arabs, an event of the year 1982. Here, the direct date is 1999 and, therefore, has to be correct as is.

... seventh month,

There is an element of uncertainty here because we do not know what calendar the alien was using in the sixth century. Apparently, he wants us to search for the month in another prophecy and to make use of that prophecy to understand the prophecy at hand. In fact, since it is easy to name the month directly, the purpose of pointing to another prophecy should be to tell us that we have to work with the two prophecies in unison.

Of all the prophecies, only Prophecy III-77 gives us the name of a month:

Nostradamus Quatrain III-77

We fin the month at the end of the second line. It is the month of October ("Octobre"). Thus, the seventh month would have to be October.

Why October? Look carefully at Prophecy III-77. In the first line, above the line with "Octobre" in it, we see "Aries," the first month of the zodiacal calendar, a calendar that has been in use since ancient times.

In the zodiacal calendar, the seventh month is Libra, which mostly corresponds to our month of October. So, yes, the date of this prophecy will be October 1999.

From the sky will come a great King of Terror,

Again the alien hits us with uncertainty. What's this? A comet crashing into Earth? An alien invasion? Once again we must seek clarification in other prophecies. The best possibility seems to be Prophecy IV-89:

Nostradamus Quatrain III-77

There, in the third line, we see "satalites," satellites, surely things that are in the sky, and here they are seeking death ("mort"), clearly a sign of terror.

Generally, satellites do not carry weapons, but they can guide weapons. For example, in Prophecy IV-89 about the Falklands War, US satellites guided a British submarine to an Argentine ship, which was torpedoed resulting in the death of more than three hundred sailors. Today, satellites are used to guide the attack drones.

Where does this act of terror occur?

The two portagonists of Prophecy III-77, the Shah of Iran and the Pope, were both in the city of New York during the month of October 1979, the decoded date of that prophecy. Therefore, New York should be the setting for this prophecy as well.

Who will be the victims of this act of terror?

For sure, the "great king of terror" would kill more than just one person, so we can safely discard the Shah and the Pope. The only possibility that remains in Prophecy III-77 is "ceux d'Egypte," those of Egypt.

In summary, the first two lines of this prophecy indicate the following: In the month of October 1999, the satellites will be used to kill many Egyptians in New York.

Resuscitate the great King of "Angolmois"

In Prophecy III-77 we found out that "Aries," besides being part of the Zodiac, is also a word that has at its root the French "Arie," Aria, ancient name of Afghanistan. Here "Angolmois," more or less an anagram of the French "Mongoulois," Mongols, also alludes to Afghanistan because Genghis Khan, the "great King" of the Mongols, was the first to conquer Afghanistan. This verse implies that Afghanistan will be conquered again.

Before, after, Mars to reign merrily.

Prior to 1999, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 (the year of Prophecy III-77) was followed by civil war, and after 1999 came the American conquest. Guerra ("Mars") for Afghans was perpetual. The conflict continues today, and there is still no end in sight for the fighting in that country.

Additional comment:

In the month of October 1999, an Egyptian airplane crashed into the sea shortly after takeoff from New York City, resulting in the death of all aboard, over two hundred people including many Egyptians.

The Americans say that the Egyptian pilot decided to commit suicide. Up to today, the Egyptians continue to reject the conclusion that one of its pilots decided to commit suicide. The voice recorder (black box) indicated that the pilots did everything possible to save their lives but the plane was out of their control.

Given what the alien said about satellites, one must presume that the satellites were used to disable the manual controls of the Boeing jet and direct it into the sea. Two years later, four Boeing airplanes fell from the sky on the same day.

The Egyptians have yet another connection to New York where they were involved in a bomb attack against the famous towers of that city. This occurred in 1993. The leader of the Egyptians, a blind Sheikh, was captured and sentenced to life in prison. In 1997, followers of Sheikh brutally massacred many tourists in Egypt, demanding that the Sheikh be released. More recently, before his capture and imprisonment in Egypt, the famous terrorist Morsi attempted to secure the release of the Sheikh through diplomatic channels.

If the objective of the hijackers was gain the release of the Sheikh, and not to commit suicide, why were there no negotiations for his release? Or, perhaps, the hijackers were deceived about the matter of negotiations.

Today, it is not known whether it is still possible to use the satellites to disable the manual controls of Boeing aircraft and to fly them from a distance as if they were drones. At least one incident suggests that it is still possible: In 2014, a Boeing aircraft in route to China suddenly changed course and mysteriously disappeared over the Indian Ocean.

Skeptics, and everyone else incapable of abstract thinking, will no doubt claim that there was no terror in July of 1999 and, therefore, this prophecy has failed. Not true. In July of 1999, an airplane crashed into the sea not far from where the Egyptian airplane crashed into the sea, likewise killing everyone on board. It was the plane of John F. Kennedy, Jr., son of the assassinated American president (theme of prophecies VI-11 and VI-37). Like the Egyptian airplane, Kennedy's plane was equipped with advanced auto-navigational devices. Like the Egyptian pilot, Kennedy cut fuel to the engines in a desperate attempt to slow the descent of a plane hopelessly out of control. Hence, there is indeed reason to suspect that the great king of terror, whereby remote control overrides manual control, was first employed in July of 1999.

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